About This Blog

Why did I decide to create and maintain this blog?  It certainly wasn’t because I didn’t have anything better to do!  As a bi-vocational pastor, husband, and father my schedule is already quite full.  I created this blog because I feel a clear call of God to help people involved in rural ministry.  I believe that rural America is one of the worlds largest mission fields.  Shannon O’Dell says it very nicely in his book Transforming Church in Rural America – “I personally believe that rural America is one of the most over-churched, unreached people groups in the world.  The number of church buildings says nothing about the state of Christianity in rural America.”

It’s easy to ignore the rural church.  Virtually all well-known conference speakers are from large, urban or suburban churches.  Most Sunday School, Youth Group, and VBS curriculum is written with the large church in mind.  (I love it when the curriculum says “break up into small groups of 5 to 10” – how am I supposed to do that when there’s only 7 in the class?)  While it is a fact that most people entering full time ministry start out in a rural church, many of them view it as only a “stepping stone” until they can get a “real job” in a larger urban/suburban church.  As much as I hate to say it, rural ministry just doesn’t seem as attractive as urban/suburban ministry.  Yet there are those like myself who feel that God has called them to spend their life in rural ministry.  I love preaching in the sticks and couldn’t imagine living in a metropolitan area.

Even though I love being rural I admit that there are many unique challenges that rural ministers face.  That is the purpose of this blog – to help deal with these unique challenges.  I welcome guest contributors so if you have something to share with the Rural Ministry world please send it to me!

Blessings upon you and your ministry!

– Harry Colegrove


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