Rural Resource – 20 Things That Might Be Killing Your Church

The Rural Ministry Blog’s Rural Resource is where I post a book review, article link, website link, video, or any other type of resource that I think would be of interest to the Rural Ministry community.

Today’s Rural Resource is an excellent article by George Bullard entitled 20 Things That Might Be Killing Your Church.  In this article George gives an interesting analogy comparing the life cycles of people with the life cycle of a church.  He then goes on to list 20 things that could easily either kill, or at least severely cripple, your church.

I must admit that as I was reading the article I kept asking myself “Is this true for my church?” I think this is a question that all of us must honestly and objectively ask ourselves. It’s easy to believe that everything at our church is just fine, but reality can be very different. After reading the article I sent a link to several of my church leaders and asked them if they saw any of the items listed at our church. One leader responded; “This was very good. Let me think about how it applies to us. But I do believe every church struggles with a number of these issues if they are honest.

Here’s a link to the article

20 Things That Might Be Killing Your Church

What are your thoughts on this article? Did anything in particular stand out to you? Can you think of anything else that should be on the list? Leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: The resources mentioned on the Rural Ministry Blog are things that I feel contain content relevant to the Rural Ministry community.  This does not necessarily mean that I fully embrace or support everything that the author embraces or supports.  For more information on this topic please read this Rural Ministry blog post – Eat the Meat and Spit Out the Bones

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3 Comments on “Rural Resource – 20 Things That Might Be Killing Your Church”

  1. Heather Says:

    This is probably terrible but the only two things that stick out in my mind that apply to our congregation is discipleship and leadership.

  2. Bob Lyle Says:

    This is scarey! I’m 77, and as I look back now, having been in churches all my life, I can see that this been a major problem in nearly all of them. This article explains a lot.

  3. Ryan Tremmel Says:

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