Rural Resource – Tips for Overcoming Insecurity

Each Monday on the Rural Ministry Blog I post a book review, article link, website link, video, or any other type of resource that I think would be of interest to the Rural Ministry community.

Today’s Rural Resource is a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers, Dan Rockwell.  Dan is a pastor and award winning blogger who has a passion for people and leadership.  His blog,  Leadership Freak, is a must read for anyone in a leadership position.  Although it’s written primarily for the business world, the principles taught can easily be adapted to Rural Ministry.

In this article Dan deals with a topic that virtually all Rural Ministers face – Insecurity.  I tend to be pretty confident in who I am and in what God has called me to do, however insecurity often rears it’s ugly head in my life.  When it does my effectiveness and motivation takes a serious nose dive.  If this insecurity is not quickly overcome, it can very easily cripple my ministry.  Dan’s article provides 15 great tips on how to overcome insecurity.  You can read the article by clicking here:

In what areas have you felt insecure?  Are there any other tips you can recommend for dealing with insecurity?  Leave a comment below.

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