Rural Resource – Marriage part 1

I do an extensive amount of reading and often come across very interesting books, articles, blog posts, etc. Each Monday I will be posting a book review or article link that I think would be of interest to the Rural Ministry community.

When I became a pastor I was expecting to preach and teach and felt that I was pretty well prepared to do it. What surprised me was how much counseling I found myself doing. In a rural setting there are not many licensed counselors so the natural reaction of many people is to go to their pastor any time there are problems in their life, family, or marriage. I don’t know about you, but I found myself pretty unprepared for a lot of the counseling that I was being asked to do. I started reading books, listening to teaching tapes, and asking the advice of several people experienced in this area. Through this time of learning I ran across several very good resources. What I want to do over the next few Mondays is share some of the best resources on marriage and relationship counseling that I have discovered.

Today’s resource has been out for some time and is one that I’m sure many of you already have in your library – a book by Dr. Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages. In my opinion this book is a must read for all pastors. I can honestly say that the concepts in this book radically changed my relationship with my wife and transformed our marriage from a good one to a great one!

The basic concept in the book is that people express and receive love in different ways. Just like there are different spoken languages in the world, there are different “love languages” as well. One of the keys to a great marriage is discovering your spouse’s “love language” and speaking it to them often. Dr. Chapman goes through these different love languages in detail and helps you discover your own love language as well as the love language of your spouse.

The Five Love Languages is available in printed format as well as for the Kindle. You can purchase the book by clicking here

Disclaimer: The books and articles mentioned on the Rural Ministry Blog are things that I feel contain content relevant to the Rural Ministry community.  This does not necessarily mean that I fully embrace or support everything that the author embraces or supports.  For more information on this topic please read this Rural Ministry blog post – Eat the Meat and Spit Out the Bones

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