Power Problems

Last Thursday the area in which I live experienced some pretty harsh weather that knocked out the electricity for most of our county. Initial reports stated that it could be 3 to 5 days before electricity would be restored. Since I live in a rural area that was not a real major deal because most rural people are pretty resourceful, and we can easily go for a day or two without electricity. The big question that I kept getting asked was “are we still having church?” My response – “Of course!” Church would be different than normal, but we could still easily have church. We have plenty of windows for light, I could use my acoustic guitar for worship, and since I have been blessed with volume (i.e. I’m a natural loudmouth) people would have no problem hearing the sermon! Fortunately the power came back on in time and we were able to have our typical Sunday morning service.

The fact that we had no power made me very appreciative that I minister in a rural area. In a church of about 85 people we can easily go “unplugged” if we need to. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for some of the Big Boys in metro areas if they were without power? Would they even be able to have church? Yep, being rural rocks!

Here’s something else to think about – what would the quality of your service be without electricity? I’m talking no PowerPoint, video projectors, stage lights, sound systems, or anything else that requires electricity. Would people still feel the presence of God? Would they leave the service thinking “I’m glad I came today”? Don’t get me wrong, I love using technology in church and feel that PowerPoint, video clips, sound systems and the like can really enhance our effectiveness. But we also cannot forget that the real source of our power comes from God. If people cannot be drawn into His presence without all the multimedia, then we have a true “power outage.”

What would your church service look like without electricity? How can we make sure that we never lose sight of the real source of our power?

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One Comment on “Power Problems”

  1. Manoj b sachapara Says:

    In my village Adhewada bhavnagar having very very serious problem relating to the power cut in agriculture area as well residential area NO one can SOLVED OUR problem, I Made written complaint in sub division as well main division since 1 year before but till date problem not SOLVED.

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