Rural Resource – Too Busy to matter

I do an extensive amount of reading and often come across very interesting books, articles, blog posts, etc.  Each Monday I will be posting a book review or article link that I think would be of interest to the Rural Ministry community.

Today’s article comes from the Leadership Freak blog written by Dan Rockwell.  Dan is a pastor, blogger, and leadership expert that I’ve had the privilege of knowing for about 13 years.  Dan’s blog is a must read for anyone interested in becoming a better leader.  It’s written primarily to the business world, however virtually everything Dan writes about applies very well to the church world as well.

There are numerous articles on Leadership Freak that could be featured here, but the article I’ve chosen today is one that I think especially relates to the Rural Ministry community.  In this article, entitled Too Busy to Matter, Dan states, “If you don’t intentionally take things out of your life, life will do it for you. Sadly, the things that fall out are frequently the things that matter most.”

To read the full article, entitled Too Busy to Matter please click here.

Disclaimer: The books and articles mentioned on the Rural Ministry Blog are things that I feel contain content relevant to the Rural Ministry community.  This does not necessarily mean that I fully embrace or support everything that the author embraces or supports.  For more information on this topic please read this Rural Ministry blog post – Eat the Meat and Spit Out the Bones

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