Freebie Friday – Dropbox

A huge obstacle that is often faced in rural ministry is the lack of funds to buy tools and resources. To help combat this problem the Rural Ministry Blog has Freebie Friday! Every Friday we will take a look at a free resource that could benefit anyone involved with rural ministry.

Today’s resource is a must have for anyone who uses multiple computers. I have a laptop, an office computer, and a home computer that I regularly find myself using. At one time the only way I could share files from one computer to another was by using a USB flash drive, but that was before I discovered Dropbox. Dropbox is software that automatically synchronizes your files across multiple computers. This means that any file I save in the Dropbox folder on one computer automatically gets copied to all my other computers. Dropbox also synchronizes with a secure web server, which will allow you to access your Dropbox files from any Internet computer. Another great feature of Dropbox is that the secure website will keep a one-month history of your work, which allows you to retrieve deleted files or undo changes made to documents contained in the Dropbox folder. The best part of this is that the first 2GB of storage is totally free! That’s right, 2GB of Dropbox storage at absolutely no cost or obligation. If you need more than 2GB you can purchase additional storage of up to 100GB for very reasonable rates.

Dropbox is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. For more information or to download click here

Disclosure: If you sign up for Dropbox by clicking on any of the above Dropbox links, Harry Colegrove will receive an additional 250MB of free Dropbox storage up to a maximum of 8GB. If you wish to install Dropbox without Harry Colegrove receiving the additional storage space click here.

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