Freebie Friday – Free Creative Materials

A huge obstacle that is often faced in rural ministry is the lack of funds to buy tools and resources.  To help combat this problem the Rural Ministry Blog has Freebie Friday!  Every Friday we will take a look at a free resource that could benefit anyone involved with rural ministry.

Today’s freebie is from Open, which offers high quality creative materials for sermons, small groups, youth, children, and worship services.  The materials include videos, graphics, and message notes.  The best part about it is that it’s all free!  Here’s a direct quote from the Open website:

“… all we ask is that content is used in a non-commercial application in which the overall mission is to lead people to Christ. That’s absolutely it. And if a free gift with no strings attached seems too good to be true…well, isn’t that why we’re all doing what we’re doing anyway?”

I have used their material for my church youth group and found it to be absolutely outstanding!  The videos and graphics are top notch and the message notes are easily adaptable and customizable for almost any setting.  Open also has downloadable worship sets in which their worship team leads a full contemporary song service complete with on screen lyrics.  These worship sets are perfect for Sunday morning services, youth services, or whenever you need a high quality contemporary song service.

My hat is off to – this is a ministry that gets it.  They could easily charge for this material, but instead are more focused on offering their resources to further the Kingdom.  Although they do not ask for anything, I’m sure they would accept a donation to their ministry if you choose to bless them for blessing you.

Check out all the resources available at Open at or go to their Facebook page at

FYI: Some of the files are huge (one worship set I downloaded was over 900MB) so you will need a high speed Internet connection to take full advantage of the site.

Disclosure: Neither the Rural Ministry Blog or Harry Colegrove benefit in any way from this product review

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